Friday, October 24, 2014

Home invasion leads to the suspicious killing of 66 yr woman Rose Ragsdale in Queens Village New York

Something really smells about the details of this incident according to a video report by ABC News.  A guy breaks into the home in the middle of the night with eight people living inside and he gets away stabbing this woman to death?  I could be wrong but it just doesn’t sound plausible.  

CBS New York reports the NYPD is investigating the stabbing death of a Queens woman who police believe may have been killed during a home invasion robbery.

Rose Ragsdale, 66, was found unconscious and unresponsive in her Queens Village home around 3:20 a.m. Friday. The bus matron for Hoyt Transportation had been stabbed in her chest and arm, police said.

She was taken to Long Island Jewish Hospital, where she died.
Police believe Ragsdale was killed by someone who broke into her home on 105th Avenue, 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reported.

A co-worker, who parks his minibus in Ragsdale’s driveway, was shocked to find the home a crime scene when he arrived Friday morning.

“I was supposed to go to work this morning, when I got here a quarter to six I saw this, [it's] devastating,” the co-worker, named Jean, said. “She loved her job, she’s a hard-working woman, very nice, kind lady.”

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Something is amiss here!

NY Ebola Dr. Craig Spencer acted irresponsibly and put the lives of fellow New Yorkers at risk needlessly

This guy is as stupid as Dr. Nancy Snyderman!  Which is really telling because doctors are the folks who needed a perfect 4.0 GPA to get into top medical schools.  But, in the last weeks it’s become obvious to the world that just because one has a MD or a PhD, or whatever letters behind their name doesn’t mean they have the common sense God gave them.

Dr. Spencer saw fit to travel on the subway, to go bowling, to walk in a park exposing hundreds of New Yorkers clearly within the 21 day incubation period of developing Ebola.  But, the CDC says we’re not to worry because he was taking his temperature every day.  Yeah, right! 
The brainiacs at the CDC are another example of people who are common-sense challenged.  These bozos are making up Ebola protocols as they go along.

So where does this all leave us?
It leaves us with playing Ebola Whack-A-Mole insisting that a travel ban to West Africa is unnecessary.  That’s what the so-called experts recommend.  Wait till Ebola crops up in Los Angeles, Chicago, or Philadelphia or a city near you and tell me if the system is working. 

Govt Fail: NY Ebola Doctor Cleared Enhanced Air Screening

So what’s the point?

The only common sense answer to get a handle on Ebola in the United States is a travel ban of West Africa.  Instead stupid Liberals wanna play a game of whack-a-mole with Ebola. 

Gateway Pundit reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted tweets tonight about the nation’s latest Ebola patient, New York City Doctor Craig Spencer.
The two tweets described Spencer as having successfully passed through the CDC’s ‘enhanced screening’ for travelers from Ebola hot zones.

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My sister works at Belleview.  So for me it's personal! 

TLT Movie Spotlight – The Big Country, Rufus Crashes the Party

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Terrorist Attack in NYC: Hatchet wielding assailant injuries NYPD cops before getting shot dead, Facebook reveals Jihadists views

This is nothing to sleep on.  Something like this happened in the UK a couple of years ago.
NY Daily News reports a hatchet-wielding man who attacked a group of rookie cops on a Queens street, critically injuring one of them, was shot dead by the officers on Thursday afternoon, and a female bystander was hit in the back by an errant round.

Police are investigating the possibility that Zale Thompson, the attacker who made the crazy charge at a pack of four cops in the heart of Jamaica’s shopping district — plunging the hatchet into the skull of Officer Kenneth Healey — was motivated by a desire to commit an act of terrorism.

Thompson, 32, lived in Queens Village, once served in the Navy and attended Teacher’s College at Columbia University from 2009 to 2010 but left before earning a degree. He had a Facebook conversation recently with a man on the subject of terrorism, police sources said. That man, Frank Sha Francois, 49, told the Daily News that they did talk about terrorism but denounced it in all its hideous forms.

“We spoke against all aspects of any type of terrorism — foreign terrorism, domestic terrorism, terrorism committed by groups and by governments. Any act of violence where innocent lives are spilled, we spoke against that,” Francois said.

“He never expressed to me, that I could recall, that he would do anything violent. Yes, he said there were things that needed to be done — nonviolent, collective action .... He said the people can’t take up arms against law enforcement; it would be suicide.”

At about 2 p.m. Officer Healey, 25, stood with three fellow cops on Jamaica Ave. near 160th St. The four, who were graduated from the Police Academy, had just posed for a picture taken by a freelance photographer.

Seeing the group of Finest, Thompson, hatchet in hand and his face partially covered by a green parka, rushed at the cops.

“The suspect charged at the officers,” Bratton said.

A surveillance video showed Thompson’s devilish dash and him “cocking the hatchet like it’s a baseball bat and starting to swing it,” a police source said.
One of the blows struck Healey in the side of the head, fracturing his skull, the sources said. Officer Joseph Meeker, 24, was sliced in the right arm.

“He raised his hand real high and brought it straight down on the officer,” Larry Bethune, 44, who was walking down Jamaica Ave. at the time, told The News. He said he thought the blow would prove fatal for Healey.

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UPDATE- Ebola Hits New York: Doctor rushed to Bellevue Hospital HAS TESTED POSITIVE for Ebola

Because of political correctness a possible Ebola case has come to New York.  Its ridiculous Democrats refuse to impose a travel ban for the flimsiest of reasons.  I hope this is s false alarm of Ebola in my city!

Intruder, 23, who calls himself 'American Slave' jumps the fence at the White House and makes it onto North Lawn before being taken down by guard dog

Another Looney Tune scales the White House fence.  At least this time the wacko didn’t make it too far. 

Bill de Blasio and alleged former Lesbian wife Chirlane McCray hosting Halloween party at Gracie Mansion

These Communists really know how to throw a party!
NY Daily News reports Mayor de Blasio is hosting a Halloween party in a creaky old house that’s been unoccupied for most of the past 12 years - Gracie Mansion.